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Route Server

Route server

All participants are welcome to establish a peering to the STIX Route Servers and exchange prefixes this way.

The route servers should not be seen as a replacement to bilateral peerings between the participants and is provided by STIX on a best effort basis without any guarantee on availability.

Caratteristiche tecniche

ASN: 43286
RS1: / 2001:7f8:cf::fb
RS2: / 2001:7f8:cf::fc

Sanity check

  • Routes with Prefix lengths longer than /24 for IPv4 and /48 for IPv6 will be rejected
  • Routes must be in the list of the main IRRDB databases for the ASN or the AS-SETs of the participant
  • The first ASN in the as-path must be the one of the peering ASN
  • Routes that are well-known bogons or martians will be rejected
  • Routes with one or more “transit free” ASNs in their as-path will be rejected
  • RPKI route origin validation is active. Prefixes marked as INVALID will be rejected