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What is STIX

2 Visionaries & their project

An Internet node that acts as an exchange point for Internet traffic.


Fast and independent data exchange between South Tyrolean providers and institutions.


Stabilization of the network and an expansion of the range of local services.


Provision of a local, independent facility to benefit for citizens and local ISPs.

STIX is an IXP Internet Exchange Point / NAP Network Access Point or better, a node, which serves as exchange point for the data traffic on the Internet. Quite simply packaged in one or more data cabinets and connected by several fiber-optic cables, all information of the Internet converges.

For some time now, South Tyrolean providers have been establishing connections to MIX Milan and DE-CIX in Frankfurt as the main route to satisfy the customer’s increased hunger for data. This is very time and money consuming and quite complex. Certainly many operators have toyed with the idea of creating a similar node, perhaps not in the same dimensions as those in Milan or Frankfurt, in South Tyrol as well. The infrastructure was not yet ready and the country had a relative monopoly. But now the time is right.

Jakob and I, both employees of the Telmekom company, talked about the concept years ago, but we rejected the ideas again. Recently, however, the call for change has become louder and we have already discussed our ideas with Stefan Reiterer – owner of Telmekom – at the beginning of 2018. The discussions about a node in South Tyrol became more frequent and finally the project idea matured.

The IXP node will be realized under the auspices of Telmekom in Bolzano. This was already decided in summer 2018. After intensive discussions with our partners such as Stadtwerke Hall, MIX Milan and numerous other parties involved, a first concept of “STIX – Südtiroler Internet Exchange Point” has been developed. In October all necessary equipment was available and we could start with the preparations. After a test phase of 2 months STIX is finally operational since 01.01.2019. The first South Tyrolean peering partner to be connected was Stadtwerke Bruneck.

An own Internet node is an important step for the digitalization and the further development of broadband in South Tyrol. The node enables all connected South Tyrolean providers and institutions to exchange data with each other in a faster or simplified and above all independent manner. Simplified data exchange in this case means that the provider, once connected to STIX, automatically connects to all providers present in the node. At the same time the presence of STIX in Bolzano stabilizes numerous services, such as the Internet, telephony, cloud services, etc. Data can take a much shorter and more direct path between local providers and/or institutions. With our own IXP in South Tyrol, technical advantages open up new possibilities such as new local cloud services, local platforms for the Internet of Things, new IPTV/streaming services, etc.

Through this Project our vision is to provide a local, independent institution in South Tyrol, which exclusively represents regional interests. We would have the possibility to bring larger ISP suppliers to South Tyrol to create further benefits for citizens and local ISPs. For us it is important that all local ISPs participate in the project.

In order to strengthen STIX locally, we will invite all local Internet Service Providers and institutions withthat that are able to connect with STIX.